• The Principal reserves the right of accepting or refusing admission to any child who seeks admission to this school.
  • After the admission of a child in the school, the Date of Birth and Name of the child will not be changed.


  • Before withdrawing a student, one month's notice is to be given in writing or one month's fee be paid.
  • School leaving certificate will be issued on the clearance of all dues.
  • T.C. application must be signed by the parent/guardian and reason for leaving should be mentioned.
  • The School authorities reserve the right to dismiss those pupils whose progress, in studies is unsatisfactory, the attendance is irregular, 'their conduct is harmful to the other students or their fees are not paid in time. Honesty, cleanliness, good manners and loyality are demanded of each student and anyone not conforming to the school, immorality or grave insubordination or contempt of authority is always a reason for dismissal.